Alex Mangione Photography Headshot

Alex is a… you know what?

let’s do this first person. This will be short I promise. I am a lifestyle-editorial photographer-videographer coffee lover-maker freelancer-business owner.


I use a cinematic and photo journalistic style with quick eye catching transitions that invoke euphoric awesomeness with excitement to show you and your brand are the best.


I've been addicted to coffee since the age of 12 and that lead me through the local coffee shops all the way to managing a shop in Leesburg. Ive had multiple cover photos of two NoVa magazines, Posh Seven and Loudoun County Magazine (LGMG).


The places photography has taken me is the reason I do what I do. Growing up in a small town in upstate New York I never could have imaged my love for travel. Still haven’t been out of the states (except that one time we went to Canada when I was 8). I learn so much from everyone I meet and the places I see. Everyone has a story to tell; so let me tell yours.

Contact me today to set up a shoot. I’d love to meet you!