MGM Step and Repeat Proposal

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Hi Tracy! Im super stoked to be sending you this proposal/quote. Especially because I have yet to be to the MGM! Glad to be helping out. :)



-Capture full body step and repeat photos

-Efficiently edit each photo

-Print each photo for delivery by hand same day

-Have a good time!



Arrive early (6pm) to set up and get prepped for event goers. Get names from each group/individual for delivery purposes. 7-is to 8:30-ish take fantastic photos. 8:30-ish to end of event print the photos and delivery as printing.

Digital images. I am also able to edit digitally and delivery as well if they would like that as well. That will be an extra charge, as explained below.


September 20th. 6pm-9pm.

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Prints the day of delivered to each group/individual. As well as digital copies if you choose to go with that as well. With prints being delivered day of digital will take a couple days after the event to put on a website for them to download.



After our goals are accomplished, the total investment for 3 hours of step and repeat as well as printing is $800. With the addition of digital prints (ready to download high resolution on a secure website) will bring the total to $1000. Let me know if you have any questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask ill be happy to answer :)

-Alex Mangione